*Content based on this Washington Post article

Panjshir, named after an Afghan province, is located in Falls Church, VA, and run by Esmat Niazy, who took over after his father, Aziz, who launched the business in 1985.  According to Esmat, his father came to the United States and dreamed of building a business for himself.  Northern Virginia became introduced to home-style cuisine from Kabul, such as the delectable pumpkin dish “Kadu Palow.”  

Aziz is now retired and has trained his daughter, Maria, to run the kitchen.Panjshir accurately reflects the native dishes from Afghanistan by using simple flavors that resemble what one would receive at a family meal at home.  The kabobs arrive at the table, pierced by the skewer that they were delicately roasted on, often with a slightly charred flavor that is unique to middle-eastern cooking.